Little Hawks Early Learning Center Curriculum

Little Hawks Early Learning Centers Curriculum prepares children to get along well with others and become enthusiastic about learning. 

There is a balance of child-directed and teacher-directed activities. Our program allows the child to plan and carry out activities at the center of his or her choice like blocks, books or maybe home living. Play is a vital component of our program. Play facilitates problem solving, social interaction, communication skills, and increases cognitive growth. Little Hawks Early Learning Center recognizes that children are active participants in the learning process. Our teachers will serve as a guide, partner, nurturer, and researcher to help promote your child’s development.

Our teachers engage in observing, guiding, learning, and assessing children’s progress to ensure each child’s experience is rewarding and meaningful. The teachers integrate children’s spontaneous day to day discoveries, interests, and curiosity into established learning goals and activities. When teachers incorporate children’s ideas into their experiences, the child’s self-esteem is enhanced, and over time, this will support them in becoming self-directed learners.


6 weeks-12 months
Little Hawks Infant teachers are trained to know how to respond to your baby’s individual interaction style. The best infant teachers are great listeners, because all babies have their own unique personalities, even in the first few months! Routine promotes a sense of stability. Feedings, naps, and other activities are scheduled depending on your child’s individual needs. Holding babies during feedings, rocking them, showing love and attention, reading, and speaking to them frequently makes babies feel secure and promotes language and social development. Teachers will help babies access a variety of engaging materials throughout the day and will provide them with outside experiences as weather permits.


13 months-30 months
Toddlers learn through exploration. Our toddler teachers will work on an individual basis with each student while the other toddlers explore activity centers such as art, puzzles, blocks, and toys. Our toddler lessons will include indoor and outdoor manipulative activities geared to developing the child’s motor skills, cognitive development, language development, and sensory exploration.


2 years-6 years
Preschoolers are active learners with a natural curiosity of the world around them. Our preschool program at Little Hawks will provide a rich learning environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn, while making friends and developing self-confidence. We provide opportunities for discovery and hands on experiences, which combine creative expression and skill building. Our teachers will also provide individual attention to help support each child’s individual development.


Our afterschool program offers flexibility to accommodate various age groups and support all our children enrolled. Little Hawks maintains the highest standards of safety to ensure your child’s well being is in good hands at our facility. We offer different activities that will help your child learn, grow, and thrive

Enrichment Activities

Bible Lessons
Bible stories and Bible verses are taught daily to all preschool classes. Once a month we have a special Bible lesson in the gym for our preschool children.

BEAM is an interactive projector game system that makes entertainment lively, hygienic, educational, and above all, a ton of fun. Beam enhances not only brain development, but also gross and fine motor skills. It gives children the opportunity to explore, discover and interact.